Crazy Race Bulgaria

  • Hi All,

    Want to show you one automotive show that I filmed in my town called Crazy Race. This was two day race in Qualifications Round, Semifinals and Final. In this 4 parts I am showing best moments from all rounds and entertainment of the show.

    Crazy Race Part 2 contains a qualifying round where all riders race against each other, selected by lot and split by two. They are free to drive in any direction and hit their opponent's car everywhere except at the driver's door. Anyone who intentionally hits the other car in the driver's door is disqualified. Winner of each race continues in the semifinal round. In this part I will present the best moments of the qualifying round!

    Part 3 shows you the best moments from Day 2 - Semifinals and Final. Battles in the semifinals are among the winners of the first day races, but this time they are selected by 4 battles of 4-5 cars each. The rules in each battle are that they only have to drive in one direction and try to neutralize other opponents until there are only two players left. Then the battle between the two drivers has come to an end. Again, anyone who intentionally hits the other car in the driver's door is disqualified.

    For the final round there were only two cars left, Because The other two players who got the right to be there couldn't prepare their cars and could not participate.

    Part 4 Containing entertainments between battles and winners rewarding.

    This past weekend there were second round of 2019 Crazy Race. Next five weeks will post videos of new round, filmed from many new angels and places.

    Enjoy :)

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  • And here is new round of Crazy Race from this week

    This is first part and there will be 4 more in next week!